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Thanks giving

As is traditional, here is a list of things for which I am thankful this year:

  • The close relationship between my mom and me since I moved to NY
  • The unconditional love (as long as I keep feeding her) of one Miss Pollycat, purring contentedly on my lap as I type
  • Friends, new and old
  • Haley Bug gets her very own bullet. She knows why.
  • So does Rebecca
  • A job that challenges and excites me
  • A thoroughly unexpected Thanksgiving bonus from said job
  • Wonderful boss and coworkers
  • The financial security that allows me to buy the occasional skein of yarn or pretty shoes or nice dinner without worrying about paying rent
  • The astonishing potential of a ball of yarn and a set of needles
  • Crisp days perfect for showing off handknits
  • Perfect red velvet cake, my favorite ice cream in the world, awesome middle eastern food, and the platonic ideal of a coffee shop--all within a two-and-a-half-block radius of my apartment
  • Ample reading material

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