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It's my birthday and I can demand validation from the Internets if I want to.

I am officially declaring tomorrow Birthday 2.0 because today was simply unacceptable. Instead of featuring high tea and yarn fumes with girlunravelled, as it was supposed to, it featured rain, a full day of running myself ragged at work because I was so far behind from being sick, slogging through the rain at lunch to buy my own birthday cupcakes because no one else was going to, no birthday lunch from the boss (though she did give me flowers, which was nice), a crapton of identical Facebook messages, mostly from people I barely know, slogging through more rain to get to class, then slogging back home again to an apartment with no food and my cat, who was admittedly very vocal in her joy at seeing me.

Birthday 2.0, guys. I can haz it?

2008 can officially bite me. Plz to validate my existence, Internets.
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