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Things about which I am excited

1. I just got invited, completely randomly, to see Equus tonight. It's the tail end of previews--opening night's Thursday--which means I should get to see the performance just about as polished as it's going to be, while still getting to avoid (most of) the insane screaming fangirls. (Having seen a production of Equus at the Stratford Festival in high school, I am well aware that the infamous nude scene is pretty much the least erotic thing ever, but I'm not going to lie... I am the teeniest, tiniest bit curious to see, you know, "Harry Potter's wand." I know, I know. *hangs head in shame*)

2. Neil Gaiman's reading at Columbia Teacher's College a week from today, at 7PM. Is anyone interested in joining me? It's "free and open to the public," which means if we're going to snag good seats, someone's probably going to need to stake out territory pretty early, and I won't be able to get there before 6.

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